Scenic Drives and Walks

Scenic Drives and Walks

Ravensthorpe Scenic Drives

Walks within Fitzgerald River National Park

Mt. Madden Scenic Drive – 160Km Round Trip

A circular route which takes in the local scenery and the views atop Mount Madden; Pallarup Rocks, picnic spot, big granite rock, panoramic views, wildflowers, climbing.

Mt Short Scenic Drive – 40Km Round Trip

This scenic tour to the highest point in the Ravensthorpe Range, Mt Short (453m); picnicking, wildflowers, old gold mining, climbing Mt Short. Best suited to four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Ethel Daw Scenic Drive – 30Km

This trail south of Ravensthorpe offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Fitzgerald River National Park, mountains, sea, Ravensthorpe, wildflowers.

Archer Drive Lookout – 20Km

Wildflower display, sweeping farmland views, and view of the Ravensthorpe Range.

East Mount Barren (2-3 hrs return)

This is s steady climb to the summit where you will see stunning views over the park and beyond. Take binoculars and water.

Mamang Walk Trail (31 km return)

Mamang is an Aboriginal name for whale. Extends from Point Ann along the coast, to Point Charles. Southern Right Whales arrive at Point Ann, between July and October.

Hakea Walk Trail (46.8KM return)

Named after the Royal Hakea which is prominent along the trail. This is a rugged coastline walk, that can be completed in sections, s there are car parks along the way. Requires a good level of fitness.

Fitzgerald River National Park

Hamersley Drive – 170Km

A spectacular circular route that makes its way through Fitzgerald River National Park; Quoin Head (4WD), Sepucralis Hill, Moir track (4WD), Hammersley Inlet (4WD), Cave Point, Mylies Beach, East Mt Barren, Barrens Beach.

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Hopetoun – 49Km

The eastern gateway to the Fitzgerald River National Park, 49kms south of Ravensthorpe. Hopetoun is a small coastal town famous for its pristine white sandy beaches, fantastic scenery and wildflowers.

Pet Friendly Walks

Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe Railway Heritage Walk

This walk trail follows a former railway track through the bush. The walk is broken into 5 sections. The shortest section being 1-2 hours, whilst the longest is 5-6 hours.

Along some sections you will see parts of the old railway route. Enjoy exploring a trail rich in wildflowers, fauna, natural beauty and history.

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